Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rapid Fallout from Is America a Lie - Page 1

OK, is this predictable or what? Looks like the
IRS has opened an investigation of yours truly.
All that's available as income for the past
decade is Social Security and pensions and we
take the standard deduction every year, so
there's *nothing* of interest there. Here's the
entry for the page view today by the IRS.

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Visit Page: Iron County Doings: Iron River
sued in Federal Court


They were looking up what I wrote about
a federal lawsuit that is several years old. To
me this demonstrates just how desperate the
folks involved in demonstrated corruption at
my federal district court and the defendants,
the justices of the Michigan Supreme Court,
in the underlying case must be. As I wrote
earlier, this nixonian coverup is far worse
than the underlying misbehavior. How much
more evidence of their misdeeds and a
coverup are they going to provide?

Thank you!

The above is the opinion of the
author Bill Vajk

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