Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So What Is Proposal 1? Vote NO!

An anonymous response (I get some now and again) gave me
a location for finding the contents of Proposal 1, a text that is
purposely as misleading as the flyer that came in the mail a
few days back.

In effect, what Proposal 1 does is to create a new "local tax"
in an end run around the Headlee Amendment while promising
to eliminate part of the state sales and use tax. In order to do
that, the state is setting up a new "Local Community Stabilization
Authority" to oversee the new local tax, and prohibits that
"Authority" from increasing the tax above 6%.

But of course there's nothing preventing the state from increasing
the sales and use tax at any time in the future. It could be next week,
it could be next year, but we know it will happen.

The proposal is terrible, and the lies used to promote it are even
worse. I will vote against it and urge everyone to vote NO on
this measure. If the intentions were honorable, the state would have
gone out of its way to providing information that the voters can
understand. Every time government does something "for your
own good" you better look more closely at what they are
proposing. It is a "local tax" that's supposed to get voter approval
by the local region, like a small taxing entity like a city or a county.

By doing this as they have framed it, statewide voter approval will
replace local approval that the Headlee Amendment intended. A
one vote majority out of the millions in the state will pass the measure.
If it were left to Iron County, that would be a one vote majority in
11,000 or so, and your vote would count for more than it does the
way they're doing it. Why should a voter in Detroit have any say in a
tax that the state says is an Iron County local tax?

Please don't be their fool. Vote NO.

Bill Vajk

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Proposal 1 - August Elections

A couple of days ago I received a 1 page flyer in the
mail urging me to vote for Proposal 1 that promises
to eliminate a business tax and increase jobs by 15,000.


No where in the flyer does it give me the text of
Proposal 1. In short, it screams "trust me."


It does reference www.proposal1facts.com

Nice of them to do that. So I went and looked,
and sure enough,, it was more of the same sort
of hype that's in the flyer, and there's no text
of the proposal to be found anywhere.

I don't believe a word of it, simply because
they're not coming clean with what the text
of the proposal is.

Too bad. Guys, you've screwed up despite
the fact you've had every opportunity to get
this right. If you're ashamed to advertise
what it is you're doing then how dare you
even think about asking for my vote.

Bill Vajk

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

value to the recipient

In 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court wrote:

"The phrase 'value to the recipient' is, 
we believe, the measure of the authorized 


When the water is shut off at the curbstop 
by the provider, what "value" does a
person receive? 

It is a simple question with a simple answer
that the City of Iron River evades.

Bill Vajk

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