Monday, June 29, 2009

A Crane for Iron River?

Does the City of Iron River have a project using this
large crane? One would think it would have been
mentioned in City Council meetings.

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Bill Vajk

Saturday, June 27, 2009

local critic isn't interested in doing what's best for Iron County's residents

>From: shadow_man4243
>Subject: [ironcountyindependent]
>Re: Fw: Ironcountydoings: Building Iron County Michigan
>Date: Saturday, June 27, 2009, 2:30 PM

>I read this article in The Daily News' Speak Out
>section. What is the writer trying to say in this

>We know the county is going to appoint a committee
>to do a feasability study of building a new airport.

>We know the county is not at the point of building
>a new airport and looking for a builder/developer to
>build it. We know that the county had in the past
>had a study done as to where to locate a new airport
>if one was to be built and plans to build when it was
>dropped because of various obstacles.

>The writer mostly focuses on getting the EDC involved
>in the process by sitting down with a builder/developer
>to ascertain the staffing and manning of the project?

>Also the crafts and job skills needed to complete the
>project and if need be provide training for these skills
>at county expense. The writer seems to be advocating
>that the airport be built using all local (Iron County)
>builders and labor and if all local resources can't be
>used, that perhaps the workers would have to live
>within 100 miles of the project for a year after

>If this project was to come to fruition and be built,
>the majority of the monies would be federal and state
>and having the requirement that the contractor(s) and
>labor be residents of Iron County or be within 100 miles
>of Iron County will not fly.

>The largest obstacle is acquiring the land and getting
>approval from all the entities that have jurisdiction
>on this project. If were not the objection of the
>military that the proposed airport northwest of Iron
>Lake was located in a MOA, the airport may or may have
>not have been built.


Bill Vajk's answers:

1) Where a feasibility study is concerned, we know in
advance that the outcome of such a feasibility study
will find justification for building a new, better,
Iron County Michigan airport. To entertain even the
remote possibility of any other outcome is absurd. The
County Board is 100% predictable in such matters.

2) I suggest that the selection of a developer/builder,
or a small pool of candidates, has already been done.
It is in the best interest of the County Board to
do such a selection early because there's a lot of free
lobbying work available (in Lansing, Washington, and
even in Iron County) from those people if they have
a reason to believe that they could benefit by being
the builder/developer selected to do the project.

Shadowman, if he or she is knowledgeable about such
matters (and I have reason to believe that's true)
is being disingenuous in making a statement that is
designed to mislead the local population into
believing otherwise.

3) Who better than an experienced reputable builder/
developer to smooth the way through obstacles like
getting the military relocate their practice areas.

4) Iron County, including our EDC, has a recent
history of ignoring the needs of the local population
where it comes to significant projects. The operative
word in EDC is, ta-da, DEVELOPMENT. Why
was an out-of-state contractor hired to dismantle
the Cloverland Hotel by hand? Was there some special
secret technique used to do that job? No, of course
there wasn't.

4a) There is nothing significantly high tech about
building an airport that places such construction
out of reach of ordinary tradesmen. Radar equipment
and the like is generally installed by the manufacturer,
with the infrastructure (structures, conduit, wiring,
and so forth) provided by regular trades contractors

5) The US Government can and does write grants and
RFQ's (request for quotation) and RFB's (request for
Bids) carefully crafted to designate a targeted set
of contractors/bidders. To state out of hand that
because federal monies are probably going to be
used prevents targeting where the workers live is,
at best, incorrect. Such things are done with
great regularity.

6) I believe, therefore, that "shadowman," whoever
he/she is, does not have the interests of the local
population at heart, but has self-interest as his/her
primary motivation. Otherwise why not support "the
home team"? You fight for them without first throwing
in the towel and misleading people by saying what we
need to get done cannot be, without even trying! That's
not what shadowman is doing. That's not what shadowman
ever does!

Shadowman, whoever you are, come out-come out!

If you have legitimate issues to discuss, then stand
up and be counted, without hiding behind that stupid
pseudonym. Plug the name into google images and see
what nonsense that brings to your screen. But then,
who would expect legitimate discussion from someone
who calls themselves shadowman?

Bill Vajk

Building Iron County Michigan

It is apparent that despite the earlier failed attempt
to build a new county airport, Iron County has
never given up on the idea. In the long term picture,
I think the County Board has this one right. It is
my guess that a builder/developer, or at least a pool
of them, has already been chosen. This is the moment,
perhaps the last possible moment, to get the rest of
the project right.

This is the time for our EDC to sit down with a
builder/developer or few to figure out the manning
and staffing for the airport project from this point
forward. We need to know as soon as possible
precisely the type, caliber, and number of skills
and crafts necessary to complete the project, and
we need to immediately provide, at county expense,
such training as is necessary to complete the skill
sets required for the project so that from the
moment that ground is broken, we can assure
that local people are building their own airport.

Ideally this would also be true for all major con-
struction projects in Iron County's future. There's
no reason why it can't be.

As a practical matter, they will doubtless not all be
Iron County residents. We, as a community, need to
set some distance limit on how far away the workers
live as a permanent feature in their lives, meaning
where they live from today to a year after completion
of the new airport building project. I suggest a 100
mile distance limit. Perhaps less is better?

And finally, even more important, I think the public
needs assurance that this is not some "cargo cult"
(use your favorite internet search engine on the
words) project where a means is provided for
commerce that has no hope of success. The need for
any new airport for Iron County needs to be justi-
fied in advance. I'm in favor of it, but I too want

Bill Vajk

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Iron County Airport - Chapter 2

Dateline June 23, 2009. Iron River, Michigan

The Iron County Commission met today. In a fairly
routine meeting they agreed to allow the Township
Association to use Pentoga Park for their annual
picnic and meeting free of charge by a vote of
three to one. Commissioners Black, Brunswick, and
Wills voted to allow the free use of the park.
Commissioner King voted no and Commissioner Lind
was absent.

The same issue was discussed approximately one year
ago and the Township Association was denied free
use of the park. This time after a somewhat lengthy
discussion, they decided to allow its use at no

Other items discussed were:

The Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development
Region will be holding their annual convention in
Iron County on Sept.21, 2009 at a still undecided

Some discussion was held concerning the fact that
Houghton County has at least three incubator projects
underway and Iron County has none.

The commissioners voted to take no action on a
resolution forwarded to them by the Director of
the County Medical Facility supporting health care
reform. The implication was that the subject was
too complicated.

The new tenant of the Cooks Run Trout Hatchery did
send in his check per the agreement , but they have
not received the insurance policy which was part of
the agreement. On advice of civil attorney Tinti
they decided to set a deadline for its receipt.

They appointed commissioner Brunswick to the U.P.
State Fair Board.

Also, on the advice of civil counsel Tintil and EDC
Director Melchori they decided to draw up a contract
with the governmental units of the county outlining
their agreement to cooperate with the funding of the
EDC program and its director.

This reporter was told that he misreported the total
number of people attending the special meeting held
at Iron River Township Hall to gather support to
oppose the state's plan to close the prison camp in
the township. This reporter reported approx. 40
people in attendance, EDC director Melchori claimed
the figure was 60 +.

And finally on a suggestion by EDC director Melchori
and the county Chair King a motion was passed to
appoint a committee to study an airport feasibility
for Iron County.

Ben Smith publicly reported the existence of this
news organization to the Iron County Board.

Ben Smith


Editor's comment:

We gladly report corrections to errors, or even possible
errors, that we publish.

I have previously commented on the need to simplify
the Economic Development Corporation's Mission Statement
to stick to creating jobs for county residents. The
fact that the Iron County Board commented, with a
negativity (in MY opinion) on the Houghton
incubator projects is unfair to the EDC given the broad
discretion the board itself has granted to the EDC. I
recommend that our earlier published Mission Statement
be formally adopted.

"If the mission statement stuck to "increasing job
opportunities for our residents" I'd be a whole
lot happier." (April 18, 2009) and apparently so
would the County Board.

Projects like Disk Golf need to be undertaken by Parks
and Recreation instead of the tourism negative projects
like a fee charging boat wash complete with enforcement
patrols by police officials.

Bill Vajk

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rule of Man v. Rule of Law, Page 3

Rule of Man v. Rule of Law, Page 3

Ludwig von Mises wote:

"The only certain fact about Russian affairs under
the Soviet regime with regard to which all people
agree is: that the standard of living of the Russian
masses is much lower than that of the masses in
the country which is universally considered as the
paragon of capitalism, the United States of America.
If we were to regard the Soviet regime as an experiment,
we would have to say that the experiment has clearly
demonstrated the superiority of capitalism and the
inferiority of socialism."

Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis by
Ludwig von Mises.

Found at: http://www.econlib/org/library/Mises/MsSApp.html

This was originally published in German in 1922 and
through several reprints in German as well as English
the last edition appeared as late as 1951. The impetus
of the book was socialism whereas this discussion is
about the Rule of Law. There is an overlap that occurs
naturally enough where, as in socialism, social, political,
and economic power are all focussed in a relatively few
individuals or at best a small group instead of being
spread across all of society as is normal for a capitalistic

Von Mises work approached socioeconomic-political
problems from the viewpoint of discussing socialism
opposing capitalism. For our purposes the reader can
legitimately substitute "rule of man" in place of
socialism, because in the end that's how it works out.

For our discussion we also substitute Iron County compared
to the rest of the USA (or if one prefers, Iron County
compared to nearby economically successful counties) for
those used by von Mises.

The ONLY difference between Iron County and Dickinson,
or Vilas or Onida Counties is the effective operation of the
ruling political structure. While today's population in Iron
County is very low, that was brought about by how the
oligarchy operates and is kept that way by that same
oligarchy continues to operate.

Let's take a look at two proposed projects that are
supposed to help progress in Iron County, one favored
by the oligarchy, and one opposed by them.

Several years ago I proposed a trolley project

for Iron River that upon initial presentation was
favored by John Archocosky, City Manager, with the
following comments: 1: I like it, it will be good
for the city and the county. 2: Your timing is
perfect, streets and alleyways are going to be
redone and we'll include this project in that
planning and, 3: I'll help in any way I can.

Armed with this, I promoted the project for several
months until it became apparent that the project was
disapproved by the oligarchy because success would
mean they stood a chance of losing control of the
county, of their political power, when competitive
individuals became part of the political landscape
as a result of the money coming into the county and
an increase in the management caliber population

In the end, Archocosky used two mechanisms to defeat
that which he had initially promoted. He determined
that the trolley project would not be self-sustaining
out of generated revenue. Nothing in Iron County has
been able to achieve that status for the last 50 years.
Even such routine purchases as replacement police
cars depend on federal government grants. Armed with
that bit of information, Archocosky had the raw
information published by the local press (before this
organ was established) and he fed it through the well
established rumor mill as though a successful project
bringing prosperity into the city and county were an
unspeakable evil.

Compare this to the airport project that the population
spoke harshly against the last time the proposal was
made public. Despite the fact that the population was
generally opposed, the project has been ongoing all
the while. Even when a discussion about the new airport
ensued in a public meeting of the Iron County Board, it
was not reported in the newspaper or on the air of our
local radio station, WIKB.

Now the reason for not discussing it in the broad
distribution media was based on "not getting the
local gentry riled," but the disservice to the local
population is huge and is one aspect of "rule of
man v. rule of law."

A couple of years back I got myself in trouble with
the editor of the Iron County Reporter for calling
her function in the county that of a puppet controlled
by the puppet master. Well the best of all possible
forms of control happens when the person being
controlled has no sense of that reality. But here,
in the case of the airport project, you can see it
plainly enough. What was that about, "the wife is
always the last one to know"?

Here's the crux of the matter. It is the "rule of
men" intent on maintaining their own petty political
and economic power that holds Iron County in such a
grip of controlled poverty that also keeps our
population low and forces your children to leave the
community where they grew up in order to find work.

I keep showing you how it works. When will you, the
public, do something about it? Even those third world
Iranians aren't sitting still for precisely the same
sort of control that's being exercised over you, you
who allegedly live in a democratic society.

No, I'm not recommending insurrection in the streets,
but an active participation in government by more of
the population would easily wrest control of your
lives and economy from those who currently use it to
bolster their own egos and line their pockets at your

Drive by 766 Penetoga Trail to see how John Archocosky
lives on the income you provide him. And while you're
at it, ask him why he doesn't live in the City of Iron
River as the City Charter requires a City Manager to
do. The idea was that he should have to live under the
same ordinances and rules as the people he represents
in City Hall every day. Why have you permitted him to
skate on this?

Bill Vajk

Monday, June 15, 2009

County Commission Meeting & New Airport Discussion

This reporter attended the Iron County Commissioners
first monthly meeting.

Among other things discussed was the evaluation of
the veteran county administrator Jan Huizing, which
will be done as a committee of the whole. Mr. Huizing
told the board the he had asked them many times to set
some goals and targets for him, but as yet no metric
has been established.

County Planning Commission Chairman John Faccin reported
that the members his commission have refused to discuss
a plan for a new County Airport as requested by County
Commission Chair Rosalie King. Ms. King, the chair,
told Faccin that HE, not the members of the committee,
sets the agenda and directs which tasks are to be
undertaken by the Planning Commission.

In other matters, the chair informed other members of
the commission that she was authorized to make an
appointment to the County Housing Authority and it wasn't
necessary for her to advertise for applicants. Therefore
Ms. King appointed former associate and county
commissioner Lawrence Harrington to the post. Also
mentioned was the re-appointment of Michael Henschel to
the soldiers relief fund by Probate Judge C. Joseph
Schwedler .

Director of the Iron County Economic Development
Corporation (EDC), Julie Melchiori, gave the
commissioners copies of the new rules set by the
State of Michigan for the revolving fund managed
by the local EDCs.

Ben Smith


Commentary by Bill Vajk:

Neither WIKB news nor the Iron County Reporter has
discussed the re-emergence of planning for a new

The new airport issue, shouted down by some of the
Iron County population a few years ago, is back for
review and possibly implementation. I moved to Iron
County after the last big dispute over a new airport.

If you'll look at your Iron County plat book at
T.45N-R.33W you will find in Section 20, 4 quarter
sections marked "State of Michigan Airport." There
had been some discussion a while back about
attempting to bring this area into functional use
as a real airport. Older plat books do not show this
land as an airport.

It seems to me that there is a significant anti-
progress faction in this county, a faction that is
afraid of change of any sort. They do not represent
a significant voting block, but they are very vocal.
They need to appreciate that stopping progress is
much like trying to stop time itself. Things are
already very different in Iron County than they were
the day you were born, and change marches on, hand
in hand with time. The only one able to stop it is
the all powerful. In the history of mankind that
hasn't seemed to have ever happened.

Let's take another look at the basics. Building a
new airport isn't going to use money belonging to
anyone living in Iron County. It isn't going to be
on land belonging to anyone who lives in Iron County.
It will provide services to all living in Iron County,
either directly or indirectly. It is bound to bring
several new jobs to Iron County. And it will support
economic growth here.

You can't often get such a good deal.

Look in the back of a recent plat book. See how much
land is owned by the State of Michigan in Iron County.
Compare this list to any plat book from the 1970's or
1980's. Given the growth instate ownership of land in
the county, what is it you would have the state do with
the land in section 20 mentioned above? Leave it unused?
Or since it is possible to get a modern airport in Iron
County, and that isn't going to deplete even once cent
of your disposable income or alter your lifestyle in any
way, why not let that land become an airport that could
someday save your life with an emergency flight out of
our wonderful backwoods to Marshfield or perhaps to the
Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota? How about your child
or grandchild who could be saved if only we could get
them to one of those places in time?

I moved to Iron County because generally speaking the
people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. I
certainly didn't come here to deal with people who have
issues locked into the 1880's. Perhaps the state would
lend us a nice piece of land and those who are afraid of
progress could live, for a month or two, in tents without
TV, radio, computer, electricity, automobile, prepared
ready-to-cook foods, to see how they like no progress
from the time the community was settled.

A new, up to date airport, with better runways, would be
of great benefit to Iron County. It is possible that
there is a conflict between the proposed airport site
and a military exercise zone.

Bill Vajk

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rule of Men v. Rule of Law: Enabling Rule of Men

It looks like this "Rule of Men v. Rule of Law"
discussion must naturally grow into a series of
articles because it deserves further discussion.
This article is not the last in the series, but
the second of many.

Subtitle: Enabling Rule of Men: groupthink as a mechanism

It begins with groupthink replacing individuality
and the healthy self-interest necessary for the
diversity that leads to economic success for a
community. The identified (and often published)
8 characteristics common to all groupthink
societies have been identified as:

1. Illusion of invulnerability
Creates excessive optimism that encourages taking
extreme risks.

2. Collective rationalization
Members discount warnings and do not reconsider
their assumptions.

3. Belief in inherent morality
Members believe in the rightness of their cause and
therefore ignore the ethical or moral consequences
of their decisions.

4. Stereotyped views of out-groups
Negative views of “enemy” make effective responses
to conflict seem unnecessary.

5. Direct pressure on dissenters
Members are under pressure not to express arguments
against any of the group’s views.

6. Self-censorship
Doubts and deviations from the perceived group
consensus are not expressed.

7. Illusion of unanimity
The majority view and judgments are assumed to be

8. Self-appointed ‘mindguards’
Members protect the group and the leader from
information that is problematic or contradictory
to the group’s cohesiveness, view, and/or decisions.

Here's the current specific example.

Ben Smith posted my first article about "Rule of Men
v. Rule of Law" to the local discussion group known
as Yahoo's IronCountyIndependent. That brought a
person identifying themselves as "Shadowman" out
of a very long period of silent lurking to make
the following posting:

"You know I do believe Bill is fighting a losing
battle here. His FOIA case has been dismissed along
with having the judge removed. By the way here's
the document that is missing from the SC web site."

He posted the wrong file, later corrected by Ben
Smith who posted my copy at:

To this "Shadowman" replied:

"Sorry for the wrong file. Thanks for posting the
correct one for it kind of blows Bill's argument
that Schwedler is not the judge of record and
should not be hearing his case. Shadow"

And as if it weren't enough, John Faccin was unable
to pass up the opportunity by piping in:

"Hi Shadow,
It’s been a long time, I knew you were reading the
site, we may be of different persuasion, but your
opinion or facts are always welcome here. Good to
hear from you."

(John's posting begs the question, whose opinions
and facts are NOT welcome at the IronCountyIndependent?
That's answered by items 4 and 5 in the list above.)

John is the little pest best ignored. I've included
him in this article to demonstrate how it is that
even the bottom feeders like him fit into the
groupthink/rule-of-men scheme.

But back to the main topic, what we see is "Shadowman"
distracting the readers on IronCountyIndependent by
misleading them to think that the main issue is
Judge Schwedler and the FOIA lawsuit against
John Archocosky. Actually, very few of them have
any idea what that aspect of the discussion is about.
It hasn't been in the news.

This pair of "Shadowman's" short little "humble"
postings are active propaganda demonstrating how items
1 and 2 in the list above work . And when you get right
down to it, this sort of activity is the only reason
for "Shadowman" participating in any way in
IronCountyIndependent, to catch such political items
and to misguide the readers there to believe in the
viewpoints most beneficial to the political crooks in
charge of Iron County politics.

The referenced web page is actually evidence of
wrongdoing by the Michigan Supreme Court. If
you, the reader, is interested in how that could
be, please read Article VI of the Michigan
Constitution. If you're still having a problem
with it, wait a few weeks since the details will
be posted on the newly promised web page.

It is obvious from John Faccin's comments (he can
sometimes be useful despite himself, kind of like
Iron County's own Joe Biden) that "Shadowman" has
not been participating in the discussions for
a long time period. It is thus obvious that
"Shadowman" only comes out of hiding to guide
people's thinking back to what is in his, and
his political cronies interests. That's what
groupthink is all about.

In this community, the original political power
was in the hands of the agents of the mining
interests. And since they held the purse strings,
control of the population was really easy. The
mines did what they always did, control everything
to best maintain the peace, high production, and
maximize profits. Once the resources are all
used up, or the economy changes, they move on.

Once the mines left, those who didn't flee the
region when the mines closed were already accustomed
to being told what to think and what to do. It took
very little for their successors to step in and take
over. It continues through today. "Shadowman" is
enabling the Rule of Men by convincing the readers
to believe that his position is what is best for
them. Needless to say, it isn't.

Here's by far the best part. "Shadowman" and his
political cronies (including John Faccin) are
lining their pockets with your money and working
to promote their personal wealth, while I have
only the politics expressed by the Founding
Fathers as a weapon, and have no personal political
or financial advantage available from expressing my

I do have to wonder why anyone would give any
attention to a ;ocal politician who hides behind
a name like "Shadowman." If he had honest and
honorable intentions, shouldn't he or she be
posting under their own name. Shouldn't that
person be taking credit, in his or her own name,
for all ideas they claim are righteous?

Bill Vajk

Monday, June 8, 2009

What Does Jim Dellies Know that we do not?

click here

displays a copy of the latest warranty deed for
the Travelur's Motel on US2 just west of the
City of Iron River.

The motel has 18 shabby units (I last stayed there
as a visitor to Iron County in December of 2000)
and an old trailer/family unit in the back along
with a regular owner/manager home at the front of
the motel.

The place has been unused for several years. All
the through-the-wall air conditioners are over
sized which leaves the rooms cold but muggy in
the summer. The bathrooms are dated to the 1950's
and the tile work and plumbing fixtures are in
poor condition throughout. The beds vary from
unit to unit, with room #1 having the worse of
everything, as though the worse was gathered into
one place an let only as a last resort when the
place was full. Maintenance was the lowest
priority with the Panero couple who last owned
and opwerated the place.

After their deaths, the "gallery" that had at one
time in the distant past been the original Alice's
Restaurant was torn down as it had rotted to such
an extent from the leaking roof that it was not

It is clear that Dellies paid only $60,000 for the
motel and the property. In better economic times
that would have been a bargain if the new owner
could make repairs and upgrades over a longer
time period while some reasonable number of
rooms could be let to tourists. The outdoor in the
ground pool has not been used in some years, thus
its condition is unknown.

But today the tourism that could support the motel
is almost non-existent. One has only to routinely
pay attention to the number of vehicles at the
AmericInn in town to discover that we have very
few guests staying in Iron River. Most of the
year the Ice Lake Motel has many vacancies.

And look at the number of shuttered motels in
Iron County. All of this points to a dismal
future for tourism in Iron County. But Mr.
Dellies bought the motel anyway.

So what does Jim Dellies know that we do not?
And is that knowledge "insider", being
unavailable to the general public? I cannot
imagine that Mr. Stupak's congressional aid
is a fool, so he must have some sort of an angle
for buying the place, some reason that he believes
the investment will make him a profit where the
opposite is conventional wisdom.

I don't begrudge anyone being clever enough to
legitimately see an opportunity that others
miss, and I sincerely hope that's what's

Bill Vajk

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Senator Carl Levin Ignores the Voters

I sent Michigan's Senator Carl Levin a letter discussing
the Michigan court system. In response I received a very
patronizing letter that can be found at:

It is clear to me that Senator Levin did not have any
concern for the problems in his home state. This is
NOT what we want from our elected representatives.

If he can't get something this simple right, what can
we expect of him when it comes to the bigger issues?

Bill Vajk

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rule of Men v. Rule of Law

Today is the anniversary of D Day, of 1944 when the
Allies stormed on to the Normandy beaches starting
the major offensive that ended World War II.

I was a child of 4 at the time. We didn't hear about
it because the Germans had forced the surrender of
all radio equipment capable of picking up allied
broadcasts. The Germans maintained complete control
over what news the people living under their rule
could receive. But the events of that day reshaped
the future, all our futures.

When the World War II ended, my mother did the
paperwork and got us, her three children, transported
to the USA by military transport. First to Paris
aboard a military version of the DC3 airplane, and
subsequently to New York abord the M.S. Gripsholm on
her final journey as a confiscated (from the Swedish-
American lines) troop carrier and a war bride transport
after the war.

With the outbreak of war in Europe in September of 1939,
a mere 3 months before I was born, such rule of law as
existed instantly converted to the rule of men for the
duration of the war, and for much of Europe, for a
period totaling 50 years under various regimes controlling
the different regions.

It was this rule of men that my mother escaped fairly
quickly, though my father, who was not yet an American
citizen, followed as soon as he was able to acquire
sufficient funds to bribe the Russian officer charged
with determining who could leave the country, and who
could not.

If the rule of men had not existed, he never could have
escaped what ensued. But then, if it hadn't been a rule
of men, none of us would have needed to escape in the
first place.

When my dad arrived many months after we did, he was
fortunate enough to be well educated and have saleable
skills that resulted in him picking up right where he
left off, in the petroleum business as an exploration
geophysicist for EXXON (in those days, ESSO.)

So we escaped the rule of men by coming to the USA where
the rule of law guides our lives.

Or does it?

It seems to me that the rule of law is in control of most
of the United States of America.

However I have become aware that once I moved into Iron
County Michigan, the rule of men that I had escaped in
1945 by moving to the USA, has found me again. And just
as my parents found it intolerable in 1945, I now find
it intolerable inside the USA, specifically in Iron County,
in 2009.

Beginning some time next week I will have a new web page
dedicated to discussing how the rule of men stands in
opposition to the rule of law here in Iron County, Michigan,
as a prelude to building the legal complaints that will
be brought against various government entities in Iron
County before the federal courts since it is impossible
to achieve rule of law court verdicts in the present
circumstances in Iron County, Michigan.

Before I undertook my FOIA lawsuit against John Archocosky
in Michigan's 41st Judicial Circuit I provided ample warning to
Archocosky and the city mayor Zanon. They ignored my
warnings just as Judge C. Joseph Schwedler in Iron County
has chosen to do. I also advised Mike Cox, the Michigan
Attorney General, Judge Celello of Iron Mountain, Governor
Jennifer Grandholm (Michigan) as well as the Michigan
Supreme Court. Nobody is paying attention.

For their part, the Supreme Court has removed some of the
evidence against them from the internet, a document called
"ADM File No. 2007-01" but no matter, others besides
myself have seen it before it was removed and copies are

So this is a combined disclosure about my past as well
as a promise of some of what the future holds for
those personally invested in imposing the rule of
men on this community, and on me.

Bill Vajk

Local Prison to Close.

6 June 2009:

The State of Michigan has decided to close all their
minimum security prisons, including the one in Iron
River Township.

Bill Vajk

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