Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Are We Simpletons?

The following was provided as a letter to the editor
for the Reporter:

Some time back I mentioned to Iron River that
the amount transferred from taxes to the water
department to pay those water system costs directly
involved in fire protection was far too small. Like
children discovering mom left the cookie jar on a
low shelf the city manager and council raided those
legitimate tax transfers by misappropriating taxes
to non-essential frills while leaving the water
system hanging out to dry. As a result, I’ve been
waiting for “the other shoe” to drop with the city
increasing fees for water service so that the city
council can continue to spend tax money that
should be paying for fire services on “feel good”
but otherwise useless items. The city council
thinks that taxpayers are simpletons who can’t
figure this out.

Now it has begun with a recommended increase
in “tap in fees” because most folks will feel as
though that has no effect on them although
eventually we all end up paying for it. But of
course that will not be enough, it never is. Once
water system charges begin increasing look
forward to much higher monthly water charges
in the near future, because the cities in Michigan
can increase “fees” without voter approval, the
loophole in the Headlee amendment that has us
paying make believe fees that in reality substitute
for taxes.

The above is the opinion of Bill Vajk.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Why isn't the USA collecting costs of health,
education, and welfare for illegal immigrants
and refugees from the responsible country of

We cannot afford the mounting national debt.


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