Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Michigan Government Complicit?

Associate Editor Ben Smith originally uncovered a fraud
that appears to be a continuing crime by Rosalie King
against the people of Michigan.

On December 13, 2001, Rosalie and the late Kenton King
purchased 221 Ruby Street, Iron River. Subsequently an
application for Homestead Exemption was filed and the
property has not contributed to West Iron Schools ever
since, although neither Rosalie nor Kenton appears to have
actually lived there at any point in time.

On July 28, 2003, they mortgaged the property in the
amount of $46,000, while continuing the homestead
exemption and while concurrently living in Caspian at
6 Berkshire Avenue and concurrently experiencing the
tax advantage of a homestead exemption there.

Michigan law permits only one homestead exemption, and
that is based on where the person, or couple, lives.

There is another piece of  paper floating around that alleges
to be a land contract for 221 Ruby Street, which we have not
included in the copies of pertinent documents since it is
neither signed, nor is it filed with the Register of Deeds
for Iron County. But when Ben complained to the Department
of Treasury about the apparent double dip by Ms. King, that
alleged land contract was the document relied on to make
enforce the claim that two homestead exemptions are justified.
But even that makes no sense, since the taxes are billed to
Rosalie, not to the actual occupant of the property, Tom. And
Tom was elected to Iron River's City Council based on his
residency on Ruby Street.

In short, they are not justified based on the documents we
provide the reader at:

The mortgage for 221 Ruby precludes any other
consideration. Liber377 Page 548 expressly states that "...the
Property is unencumbered, except for encumbrances of record."
and that the borrower will defend the title.

If the borrower, Ms King, had actually executed the land
contract to convey the property to her son, then she would,
under the terms stipulated and agreed to on Page 555, be in
default of this mortgage section 18.

Your humble correspondent  believes that the apparent
discrepancy is based on the fact that Rosalie King has been
an appointed or elected local government official in Iron
County for all or most of the duration of this apparent
criminal activity, and that the Treasury Department has
turned a blind eye to this difficulty by failing to make a
proper investigation. But I would gladly be proved wrong.

Is there complicity between the Michigan Treasury
Department and corrupt local officials? Things certainly
seem to point in that direction.

Bill Vajk

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