Friday, March 2, 2012

A Periodic Reminder To Our Readers

We remind readers once again that the entire function of
this publication is to provide news and analysis of events in
Iron County that are either not covered by other press
members reporting about Iron County, or are misreported
as part and parcel, members if you prefer, of the imbedded
socio-political power structure.

For "feel good" stories about Iron County, this publication
refers readers to the Iron County Reporter or radio station
WIKB. Both those entities have a significant internet
presence as well as reporting some of the available
information in their medium of choice.

And while sharing a reporter/newsreader, those two entities
perform an exemplary service in providing only the "good
news." That includes reporting the misfortune and
misconduct of the public at large in their court reports, with
purposeful, conspicuous, absence of reporting of official
misconduct or potentially unpopular information such as the
exorbitant salary demanded from, and paid by, the city
council to Iron River's city manager.

We generally report news rather than make it. There have
been, and will be, exceptions, when we directly confront
local government behavior and practices. The long and the
short of is is that to hear the pleasantries, attend to the
Reporter and WIKB. But come here to get significant
information about issues that affect all of us.

Bill Vajk

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