Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is America A Lie? -page 1

It isn't enough that Michigan Courts are corrupt,
it turns out that the federal district court is
engaged in a Nixonian coverup that is, as in the
original version, worse than the crime itself. If
we don't have an honest and honorable
independent federal judiciary, then America
itself is a lie and we're no better than any of the
third world despotic dictatorships. Given
corruption in any act of the court, can we trust
that the rest of the system is actually honest?
The "once a liar always a liar" principle applies,
doesn't it

Letter to US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts
and links to other documents follow below:

William J. Vajk
Iron River  MI  49935
                                                22 September 2016

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
1 First Street N.E.
Washington  D.C.  20543

Dear Chief Justice:

This is a courtesy notification that
appearances are that all is not well in the
District Court Northern Division, Western
District of Michigan. This is not a
complaint about a judge, but what appears
to be corruption devised to prevent a case in
which the defendants are the Justices of
Michigan’s Supreme Court from achieving

To demonstrate the problem, I have
included a copy of the three page docket
for case# 2:16-cv-129 and the first page
of the most recent motion filed with the

Please take notice that:

1) The Court reframed the case into a
grotesque charicature only superficially
resembling the case actually submitted.
Please see included page of the motion.

2) Prior to the assignment of a new judge
replacing one who retired, the Clerk’s Office
without justifiable reason and unauthorized
by any party to the case or a Judge of Record
renamed the motion to vacate judgment under
FRCivP 60(b)(4) converting it to a
“MOTION for reconsideration.” This illegally
changes the rules under which the motion is
adjudicated. Please see attached Docket items
6, 7, and 9.

3) The motion and supporting papers were
filed on 19 July 2016 with no activity by the
District Court since then, introducing, to date,
an illegal delay of more than 2 months.

4) To all appearances at this time the case is
purposely stalled by actions of the Clerk of the
District Court.

As noted in the opening paragraph of this letter,
this is a courtesy notification and does not request
anything from this Court at this time. The only
purpose of this letter is advisory. I will be writing
to the Chief Judge of the District Court as well
as Judge Quist suspecting that Judge Quist was
not properly advised of his assignment to this case
as it appears to me, because of the events in 1
through 4 above, that the Clerk’s office has
illegally engaged in a political action in lockstep
with Michigan officials. I strongly feel that if the
appearance of any corruption has crept into the
lower court system, the US Supreme Court and
its Chief Justice should be the first to know.


For the attachments to the above letter please see:

The above is the opinion of Bill Vajk

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