Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Merging Chamber of Commerce with Economic Development Corporation

The Iron County Economic Development
Corporation is the creation and the responsibility
of the County Board. The only reason the board
has failed to significantly improve our economic
conditions is because historically the board
members have been more interested in keeping
the county a private playground for the upper
class rather than fostering economic growth
to benefit everyone.

The solution, if the board were really interested,
is as simple as hiring a competent outside
economic developer with a track record and
giving that person free rein.

The entire ploy of merging the EDC and the
Chamber of Commerce that is comprised of
business owners solely interested in the
success of the business they own can only
lead to yet another failure.

There is probably no one in the Chamber of
Commerce who has the time or the ability to
bring significant business to Iron County.
The only advantage to merging the Chamber
with the EDC is simply to create a new excuse
for the County Board’s failure to economically
advance the County. This new excuse will
doubtless hold us back for another few decades
while maintaining the private playground.

Please tell your County Board representative
(you voted them in so you should know who
they are) that you want real progress, not the
political games that have kept us economically
depressed ever since the mines closed. Telling
them emphatically what you want is important!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your children and
grandchildren be able to move back home
because there finally are good jobs for them

Bill Vajk

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