Tuesday, March 22, 2016

repost from 5/28/2000

The following is a partial repost of an article
I put on the internet on 5/28/2000. Recent events
in Europe, including today's terrorism in
Brussels, made me realize it is time to bring
this information to attention once again although
it isn't exclusively Iron County, Michigan relevant.


I hold as responsible for the modern disinterest in the well
being of our fellow human all those who demand that no
value systems be taught in schools because such things
might be seen as government promotion of a religious

In the meantime churches around the world ring bells at
noon in response to Bulla Oratorium issued by Rome on
29 June 1456 intent on driving the heathens from sacred
European soil, while Uncle Sam spends millions, perhaps
billions, to stop the same continuing process some 500+
years later.

Yet the bells ring relentlessly, with very few understanding
why they ring.

If there is a real danger, it is that "heathen culture" you better
watch out for, not the imagined American or European ones.
They put a million dollar price on the head of an individual
who merely wrote a book about them. They are religious
zealots who proactively believe in giving their life for their
cause and beliefs.

What do we have to counter such?

I think a bunch of you are barking up the wrong tree. I'll be
over here by this other tree, the one with the real threat up it.


Bill Vajk

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